[All] Launching Your Digital Mentor Podcast

Isabela Malta isabela.malta at wellcomegenomecampus.org
Thu Aug 6 12:19:40 BST 2020

Dear All,

We launched a new podcast series yesterday, called Your Digital Mentor Podcast, and we are hopeful it will be a useful resource for early- and middle- career scientists. We will address topics ranging from establishing and maintaining a mentoring relationship, to Imposter Syndrome, Burnout Syndrome, the power of networking, equality and diversity in science (and why representation matters), among many others!

So please tune in! Our first 3 episodes are already available and you can find them here<https://your-digital-mentor.simplecast.com/episodes>. I particularly found the third episode<https://your-digital-mentor.simplecast.com/episodes/mentoring-your-mentor> very useful, because I always perceived mentoring sessions as being more of an informal conversation, without much structure, but Dr. Monica Gandhi, from UCSF,  who has experience running multiple mentoring the mentor workshops, explains why it’s beneficial to have structured agendas and follow-ups, so she gives great tips for both mentors and mentees to make the most of their time. Joining her is Dr. Vidya Mave, the leader and director of John Hopkins University -India Clinical research programme, who has a very impressive CV, and is a mentee of Dr. Gandhi.

In the first episode<https://your-digital-mentor.simplecast.com/episodes/what-is-mentoring>, we hear from the extremely experienced Dr. Grace Mwaura, the coordinator of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) mentorship scheme, and Dr. Andres Lescano, from the Cayetano University of Peru, who has trained hundreds of epidemiologist and had published on the importance of strengthening mentoring in low- and middle- income countries in order to advance global health research.

Last but not least, in the second episode<https://your-digital-mentor.simplecast.com/episodes/establishing-and-maintaining-a-mentoring-relationship> we have Dr. Amel Ghouila, who coordinates a health data science programme in Africa, India and Brazil for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and also worked in Bioinformatics capacity building in Africa with H3ABioNet for over 5 years, and Dr. Palwende Boua, from Burkina Faso’s Clinical Research Unit of Nanoro, and has taken part of the AAS mentorship scheme, and will be talking about his experience as a mentee.

I hope some of you will enjoy listening to Your Digital Mentor!

Kind regards,

Isabela Malta,


On behalf of Your Digital Mentor podcast;
Christine Boinett, Alice Matimba, Emmanuela Oppong and Catherine Holmes
“Pay it Forward”

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