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Dear all

Upcoming conferences and virtual lab courses from our colleagues on the Wellcome Genome Campus; registration fees are very reasonable!



Upcoming Deadlines: Nov-Dec 2020 | Single Cell Biology | Molecular Neurodegeneration and Therapeutic Approaches | Epigenomics of Common Diseases |
View in a browser <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-F736955BED575677UWSF298FD295EAE92AD06/cr.aspx>

Coming up
 November - December 2020 deadlines 
 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIJT-1/c.aspx>	 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIJU-1/c.aspx>	 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIJV-1/c.aspx>	 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIJW-1/c.aspx>	 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIJX-1/c.aspx>
Conferences <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIJY-1/c.aspx>		
Courses <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIJZ-1/c.aspx>		
Overseas courses <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIK0-1/c.aspx>		
Online courses <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIK1-1/c.aspx>

Upcoming deadlines in November and December


Register by 02 November
 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIK3-1/c.aspx>Single Cell Biology <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSRT0-1/c.aspx> <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIK3-1/c.aspx>
Virtual Conference | 09-12 November 2020
This year’s meeting will discuss the biological insights gained from imaging and single cell genomics, particularly in immunology, neurobiology, development and disease. A further focus will be on methods, including computational approaches

Full details


Apply by 05 November

Genomics and Clinical Microbiology <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OUH4P-1/c.aspx>
Virtual Lab Course | 25 - 29 January 2021
This week-long course will provide virtual training in the latest molecular and genomic techniques for microbiological diagnostics and infection epidemiology.

Full details


Register by 11 November

Epigenomics of Common Diseases <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSRVT-1/c.aspx>
Virtual Conference | 18-20 November 2020

The conference will cover a broad spectrum of epigenomic discoveries, opportunities and challenges in human normal biology and in disease. This year’s topics include epigenetic classifiers, chromatin regulation in disease, population studies and multi ’omics’ epigenomics. 

Full details


Apply by 23 November

Molecular Neurodegeneration and Therapeutic Approaches <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSRTD-1/c.aspx>
Virtual Discussion Course | 25 - 29 January 2021
This course provides an overview of the molecular basis of neurodegenerative disorders and is aimed at individuals working in neurodegenerative research, neurogenetics or translational neuroscience, including clinical scientists, veterinary scientists, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

Full details

Upcoming deadlines in November and December

Virtual Lab course

Genomics and 
Clinical Virology <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKI-1/c.aspx>

21-26 Feb 2021

Apply by 05 Nov
Virtual Conference

Mitochondrial Medicine <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKM-1/c.aspx> <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKN-1/c.aspx>

30 Nov-02 Dec 2020

Register by 23 Nov
Virtual Computational Course

Mathematical Models for Infectious Disease Dynamics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKL-1/c.aspx>

08-19 Mar 2021

Apply by 26 Nov

Virtual Discussion Course

Genomic Practice for 
Genetic Counsellors <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKJ-1/c.aspx>

02-05 Feb 2021

Apply by 07 Dec
Virtual Discussion Course

From Biodata to Digital Medicine: Developing Data-Driven Innovations <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKO-1/c.aspx>

18-20 Jan 2021

Apply by 14 Dec

Benefits of Attending a Virtual Conference

Grow your scientific knowledge-base from the comfort of your home, lab or office.

Paperless delegate pack & reduced travel limit environmental impact.

Combine learning with other responsibilities, thanks to compressed hours & delegate access to recordings for 4 weeks afterwards.

Low registration fees with no incidental costs.  Special rates for students & those from low & middle income countries.

Participate in Q&A sessions with international presenters, chairs & peers through the conference portal and Slack and other networking channels.

Use designated conference channels to connect with a diverse group of delegates.  Find your dream job, form a novel collaboration - where will it lead?

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Latest Online Courses

Bacterial Genomes: Disease Outbreaks and Antimicrobial Resistance <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIH6-1/c.aspx>

31 August 2020 - 03 January 2021

Explore the genomes of bacteria and the use of genome sequencing to track harmful disease and AMR.

Bacterial Genomes: From DNA to Protein Function Using Bioinformatics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIH7-1/c.aspx>

12 October 2020 - 07 February 2021

Use bioinformatics to explore DNA sequences and protein functions, to find the determinants of virulence in microbes.


Bacterial Genomes: Accessing and Analysing Microbial Genome Data <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIHA-1/c.aspx>

02 November 2020 - 31 January 2021

Use computational tools to investigate microbial genomes.

Bacterial Genomes: Comparative Genomics using Artemis Comparison Tool (ACT) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OTXWG-1/c.aspx>

30 November 2020 - 31 January 2021

Learn to use comparative genomics to improve your knowledge of microbial genomes.

Latest news  - Black History Month 2020


“I remember thinking that if every African scientist had access to such amenities, African research would surely be thriving.” <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OTUE6-1/c.aspx>

Read Kanny's inspiration Impact Story, featured as part of Black History Month 2020, and learn how our overseas programme affects genomic capacity in LMIC's.

“The courses I attended changed both my work and personal life. I have been able to employ the techniques I learnt, with profound results.” <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OTUE7-1/c.aspx>

As part of Black History Month 2020, read Tapfumanei's Impact Story to see the work ACSC is doing overseas to improve genomic capacity and research.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Science <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OTU2G-1/c.aspx>

To celebrate Black History Month, Your Digital Mentor Podcast released a special episode on equity, diversity and inclusion in science. In it, we interviewed academics from across the globe on the issues surrounding inequalities in science and how things need to change.

A conversation about empowering the youth with ‘Your Digital Mentor Podcast’ <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OTUE8-1/c.aspx>

“If young people have access to empowering mentors, and appropriate resources, they can achieve great things, which will also improve society as a whole.”

Events in 2021

Please note:

We hope to resume our face-to-face courses and conferences in 2021. However, should the status of the pandemic not allow us to do this safely, the format of some events may change to virtual. Please check individual event pages for details.

Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics (Santiago, Chile) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKT-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 18-22 January 2021

Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics (Bandar Sunway, Malaysia) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKU-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 08-12 February 2021
Immunogenomics of Disease: Accelerating to Patient Benefit <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKV-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 10-12 February 2021

Longitudinal Studies <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKW-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 10-12 March 2021

Molecular Approaches to Clinical Microbiology in Africa (Serrekunda, The Gambia) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKX-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 20-26 March 2021

Genomics of Rare Disease <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKY-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 22-24 March 2021

Ancient Biomolecules of Plants, 
Animals, and Microbes <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIKZ-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 29-31 March 2021
Malaria Experimental Genetics (Serrekunda, The Gambia) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIL0-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 11-16 April 2021

Genomics of Brain Disorders <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIL1-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 14-16 April 2021
Genomics and Epidemiological Surveillance of Bacterial Pathogens (Asunción, Paraguay) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIL2-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 18-23 April 2021

Next Generation Sequencing
Lab Course | 19-23 April 2021
Add me to email updates for this event <mailto:advancedcourses at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Please%20keep%20me%20updated%20on%20Next%20Generation%20Sequencing%202021>

Personal Genomes <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OTTX4-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 28-30 April 2021
Applied Bioinformatics and Public Health Microbiology
Conference | 05-07 May 2021
Add me to email updates for this event <mailto:scientificconferences at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Keep%20me%20updated%20on%20Applied%20Bioinformatics%20and%20Public%20Health%20Microbiology%202021>
Working with Pathogen Genomes (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIL3-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 09-14 May 2021

Fungal Pathogen Genomics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIL4-1/c.aspx>
Computational Course | 11-16 May 2021

Curating the Clinical Genome <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIL5-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 12-14 May 2021

Vesicle Trafficking and
Pathways to Neurodegeneration
Conference | 17-19 May 2021
Add me to email updates for this event <mailto:scientificconference at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Keep%20me%20updated%20on%20Vesicle%20Trafficking%20and%20Pathways%20to%20Neurodegeneration%202021>
 <mailto:scientificconference at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Keep%20me%20updated%20on%20Epigenomics%20of%20Common%20Diseases%202020>   
Low Input Epigenomics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIL6-1/c.aspx>
Lab Course | 17-24 May 2021

Viral Genomics and Bioinformatics (Montevideo, Uruguay) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSSPH-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 06-11 June 2021

Genomic Epidemiology of Malaria <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIL7-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 07-09 June 2021

RNA Transcriptomics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSIL8-1/c.aspx>
Lab Course | 16-25 June 2021

Practical Aspects of Small Molecule Drug Discovery: At the Interface of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacology <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OTXXA-1/c.aspx>
Discussion Course | 20-25 June 2021

Systems Biology: From Large Datasets to Biological Insight <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSILA-1/c.aspx>
Computational Course | 21-25 June 2021

Nursing, Genomics and Healthcare <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSILB-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 07-09 July 2021

Proteomics Bioinformatics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSILC-1/c.aspx>
Computational Course | 11-16 July 2021

----------------------------------------------Genetic Analysis of Mendelian and Complex Disorders <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSILD-1/c.aspx>
Computational Course | 14-20 July 2021

Single Cell Technologies and Analysis <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OTXY3-1/c.aspx>
Lab Course | 23-30 July 2021

Healthy Ageing <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSILF-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 08-10 September 2021

Virus Genomics and Evolution <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSILG-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 15-17 September 2021

Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens (Nairobi, Kenya) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSILH-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 26 September - 01 October 2021

Practical Aspects of Drug Discovery: At the Interface of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacology (Montevideo, Uruguay) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-138CQ-UWSF2-OSILI-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 28 November - 03 December 2021

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Image credits:

Genomics and Clinical Microbiology - E.Coli, David Gregory and Debbie Marshall, Wellcome Images.
Molecular Neurodegeneration and Therapeutic Approaches - Images of the Brain, Heidi Cartwright, Wellcome Images.

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