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Upcoming Deadlines: March - April 2021 |  Longitudinal Studies | Personal Genomes | Applied Bioinformatics and Public Health Microbiology | Genomics of Rare Disease | New online courses with FutureLearn
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Coming up
March - April 2021 deadlines
 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAAU-1/c.aspx>	 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAAV-1/c.aspx>	 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAAW-1/c.aspx>	 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAAX-1/c.aspx>	 <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAAY-1/c.aspx>
Conferences <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAAZ-1/c.aspx>		
Courses <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAB0-1/c.aspx>		
Overseas courses <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAB1-1/c.aspx>		
Online courses <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAB2-1/c.aspx>

Upcoming deadlines in March and April 2021


Longitudinal Studies <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAB5-1/c.aspx>
Registration deadline 02 March
Virtual Conference | 09-12 March 2021
The programme will showcase new findings, methods and technologies, contemporary approaches and translational opportunities within and across cohort studies in high, middle and low income countries. This year’s meeting will also explore LPS solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Full details


Personal Genomes <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQHF2-1/c.aspx>
Abstract deadline 02 March
Virtual Conference | 28-30 April 2021
This conference will bring together geneticists, bioinformaticians, and clinicians from academic and the commercial sector interested in learning the extent to which current genetic testing technologies can help people learn about their personal health and heritage.

Full details


Applied Bioinformatics and Public Health Microbiology <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQHG9-1/c.aspx>
Abstract deadline 09 March
Virtual Conference | 05-07 May 2021

The 8th Applied Bioinformatics and Public Health Microbiology conference provides a multidisciplinary forum to demonstrate how advances in microbial and viral genomics, bioinformatics, data science, and sequencing technology are being used to meet the needs of public health.

Full details


Genomics of Rare Disease <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAB8-1/c.aspx>
Registration deadline 15 March
Virtual Conference | 22-24 March 2021
This conference provides an excellent multi-disciplinary forum for clinicians (consultants and trainees), research and clinical scientists, bioinformaticians and technology developers interested in understanding the impact of recent advances in genomics and technology on the care of patients with rare diseases.

Full details


Curating the Clinical Genome <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQHH0-1/c.aspx>
Abstract deadline 16 March
Virtual Conference | 12-14 May 2021

The 5th Curating the Clinical Genome conference will bring together the clinical genomics and biodata community to discuss best practices for the clinical use of genomic data, including interpretation and clinical utility, and the consensus generation of curated knowledge.

Full details


Single Cell Technologies and Analysis <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQJ2Q-1/c.aspx>
Apply by 08 April
Virtual Course | 26-30 July 2021

The course will provide virtual training in widely-applicable plate-based full-length mRNA sequencing (Smart-seq2) and an overview of performing higher throughput 3’ end based protocol (10x chromium/Drop-seq/Seq-well).

Full details

Other deadlines in March and April 2021

Virtual Remote Course (Africa)
Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PR0C5-1/c.aspx>

13 Apr -10 Jun 2021

Apply by: 22 Feb
Virtual Conference

Ancient Biomolecules of Plants, Animals, and Microbes <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQJSR-1/c.aspx>

29-31 March 2021 

Register by: 19 Mar
Virtual Conference
                                          Vesicle Trafficking & Pathways to Neurodegeneration <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQHF3-1/c.aspx>
17-19 May 2021                                                          
Abstract deadline: 23 Mar

Virtual Computational Course
Genetic Analysis of Mendelian and Complex Disorders <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQABQ-1/c.aspx>

12-16 Jul 2021

Apply by: 25 Mar

Virtual Computational Course

Proteomics Bioinformatics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQJ39-1/c.aspx>

12-16 Jul 2021

Apply by: 08 Apr
Virtual Course (Asia)

Helminth Bioinformatics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQHO5-1/c.aspx>

28 June - 02 July 2021

Apply by: 08 Apr

Virtual Conference

Genomic Epidemiology of Malaria <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQBPX-1/c.aspx>

07-09 June 2021

Abstract deadline: 12 Apr
Computational Course

Summer School in Bioinformatics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQJSS-1/c.aspx>

28 June - 02 July 2021

Apply by: 13 Apr

Virtual Conference

Nursing, Genomics and Healthcare <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQKRY-1/c.aspx>

07 - 09 July 2021

Bursary deadline: 27 Apr

Benefits of Attending a Virtual Conference

Grow your scientific knowledge-base from the comfort of your home, lab or office.

Paperless delegate pack and reduced travel limit environmental impact.

Combine learning with other responsibilities, thanks to compressed hours and delegate access to recordings for 4 weeks afterwards.

Low registration fees with no incidental costs.  Special rates for students and those from low and- middle income countries.

Participate in Q&A sessions with international presenters, chairs and peers through the conference portal and Slack and other networking channels.

Use designated conference channels to connect with a diverse group of delegates.  Find your dream job, form a novel collaboration - where will it lead?

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New Online Courses - not to be missed 

Bioinformatics for Biologists: An Introduction to Linux, Bash Scripting, and R <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQBMX-1/c.aspx>

15 February - 08 March 2021

Get familiar with Linux and its command line in order to access the full range of bioinformatics tools available to researchers.


Genomic Scenarios in Primary Care <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQK68-1/c.aspx>

08 - 29 March 2021
Explore the role of genomics within primary care and learn how to manage patients with direct to consumer test results.

Latest YouTube Videos

Bioinformatics for Biologists - Online Course Trailer

Take a look at the forthcoming Wellcome Genome Campus Courses and Conferences​ new online course - Bioinformatics for Biologists: An Introduction to Linux, Bash Scripting, and R, with this sneak peek trailer. 

Starts 15 February | Delivered in partnership with the social learning experts, FutureLearn. 
Peter Laird - Origins of DNA methylation abnormalities in cancer

Keynote lecture by Peter Laird (Van Andel Institute, USA) at Epigenomics of Common Diseases 2020 (virtual conference) organised by Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences.

Events in 2021

Please note:

We hope to resume our face-to-face courses and conferences in 2021. However, should the status of the pandemic not allow us to do this safely, the format of some events may change to virtual. Please check individual event pages for details.

Public Engagement Masterclass <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PR0J9-1/c.aspx>
Discussion Course | 19-21 July 2021

Science Policy: Improving the Uptake of Research into UK <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQHIF-1/c.aspx>
Discussion Course | 23-25 August 2021

CRISPR and Beyond: Perturbations at Scale to Understand Genomes <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQHIG-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 01-03 September 2021

Virus Genomics and Evolution <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQHO4-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 13-15 September 2021

Organoids: Advances and Applications <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PRCMO-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 28-30 September 2021

Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens (Nairobi, Kenya) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAC8-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 26 September - 01 October 2021

Genetic Analysis of Population-based Association Studies
Computational Course | 20-24 September 2021
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Bioinformatics for Immunologists
Computational Course | 27 September - 01 October 2021
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Microbiome Interactions in <mailto:scientificconferences at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Please%20keep%20me%20updated%20on%20Microbiome%20Interactions%20in%20%20Health%20and%20Disease%202021>
Health and Disease <mailto:scientificconferences at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Please%20keep%20me%20updated%20on%20Microbiome%20Interactions%20in%20%20Health%20and%20Disease%202021> <mailto:scientificconferences at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Please%20keep%20me%20updated%20on%20Microbiome%20Interactions%20in%20%20Health%20and%20Disease%202021>
Conference | 13-15 October 2021
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Plant Genomes in a Changing Environment
 <mailto:scientificconferences at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Please%20keep%20me%20updated%20on%20Plant%20Genomes%20in%20a%20Changing%20Environment%202021>
Conference | 18-20 October 2021
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Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics
Computational Course |
24-29 October 2021
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World Congress on Genetic Counselling
Conference | 27-29 October 2021
Sign up for email updates <mailto:scientificconferences at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Please%20keep%20me%20updated%20on%20World%20Congress%20on%20Genetic%20Counselling%202021> <mailto:scientificconferences at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Please%20keep%20me%20updated%20on%20World%20Congress%20on%20Genetic%20Counselling%202021> <mailto:scientificconferences at wellcomegenomecampus.org?subject=Please%20keep%20me%20updated%20on%20World%20Congress%20on%20Genetic%20Counselling%202021>

Malaria Experimental Genetics <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQAC9-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 31 October - 05 November 2021 

Human Evolution – From Fossils to Ancient and Modern Genomes <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PR0J8-1/c.aspx>
Conference | 02-04 November 2021

Practical Aspects of Drug Discovery: At the Interface of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacology (Montevideo, Uruguay) <https://dmtrk.net/2SUU-14IUF-UWSF2-PQACA-1/c.aspx>
Overseas Course | 28 November - 03 December 2021

Epigenomics of Common Diseases
Conference | 16 - 18 November 2021
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Mitochondrial Medicine
Conference | 30 November - 02 December 2021
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Image credits:

Longitudinal Studies: Longitudinal Studies Word Cloud, Nici Schatlowski (2020)

Personal Genomes: Large group of people seen from above gathered together in the shape of a DNA symbol, Arthimedes, Shutterstock Images (245469079)

Applied Bioinformatics: 
Genomics of Rare Disease: DNA molecules, vitstudio (Shutterstock)
Curating the Clinical Genome:  DNA Jigsaw - Gene Therapy, Adrian Cousins

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