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Dear all,

The CINECA project is launching the “How FAIR are you” webinar series starting with the first webinar delivered by Kees van Bochove from The Hyve, a company dedicated to the support and facilitation of open source, open standards and open data in biomedical informatics, which might be of interest to many.

Webinar: Introduction to FAIR principles - Open science through FAIR health data networks: dream or reality?

When: Thursday, 21 January, 15:00 GMT

Register: https://www.cineca-project.eu/news-events-all/introduction-to-fair-principles <https://www.cineca-project.eu/news-events-all/introduction-to-fair-principles>


The “How FAIR are you” webinar series and hackathon aim at increasing and facilitating the uptake of FAIR approaches into software, training materials and cohort data, to facilitate responsible and ethical data and resource sharing and implementation of federated applications for data analysis. https://www.cineca-project.eu/news-events-all/how-fair-are-you-webinar-series-and-hackathon <https://www.cineca-project.eu/news-events-all/how-fair-are-you-webinar-series-and-hackathon>

In this webinar, we will dive into the basics of FAIR health data, but also take stock of the current situation in health data networks: after a year of frantic research and collaborations and many open datasets and hackathons on COVID-19, has the situation actually improved? Are we sharing health data on a global scale to improve medical practice, or is quality medical data still only accessible to researchers with the right credentials and deep pockets? 

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