[All] Notes of some of the ideas about CABANA future that came up during the last days

Wed Mar 30 19:53:59 BST 2022

Dear all, I took the liberty to jot down some of the ideas we had over the last few days as a reminder to follow up as we move into the future:

CABANA ideas from the meetings
Add national bioinformatics society links to website
Subscription model to fund the website (universities pay for access/use)

Funding options:
BID proposal: support for the network, e.g. project manager, meetings, website.
Further funding options: Everybody includes a contribution (~10%) for CABANA training
Peru: Approach universities in the provinces to access “canon minero” funding to enable secondments with Latin American CABANA partners.
Brazil: ITV has funds to do secondments on specific projects, could advertise via CABANA network.
Guilherme will pitch to the national development bank to provide more funding to train people to identify and use biodiversity in the Amazon. Guilherme can also lead an Amazon biodiversity component of CABANA. Ricardo knows well the director of the Amazon research center in Iquitos and will connect him to Guilherme.

Additional ideas:
Review the CABANA partnership agreement to see if it can be adjusted for new situation.
Can we sign an MOU with EBI for future collaboration with CABANA
Propose to write a paper on results and learnings of the CABANA project. Maria might want to do it.

We need to prepare a ToR for advocacy, governance and management, and a develop a ‘constitution’ for CABANA, ensuring rotation of leadership as proposed and empowering the younger generations to take over.  Write a contribution pathway (who can do what based on experience level).

Transfer of the e-mail list. Confirm with Carlos if he can host the CABANA mailing list.

[International Potato Center]<https://cipotato.org> [CGIAR] <https://www.cgiar.org/>

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